Speaker Systems

Our inventory of high-quality professional speaker systems.


Active Three-Way Line Array Module – by RCF
The HDL 50-A is a true active high power speaker system ready to use touring system for large events, indoors and outdoors.

RCF SUB 9007-A

Active High Power Subwoofer – by RCF
Featuring two, high power, hyper-vented 21” neodymium woofers with 4.0” inside-outside voice coils, this cabinet deliver a serious amount of low frequencies.


Active Three-Way Line Array Module – by RCF
The TTL33-A is a compact, wide dispersion, 3 way active line array module that offers the highest performance from a small size line array.


High Output Stage Monitor – by RCF
The TT45-SMA is a very high output, high performance, active stage monitor that distinguishes itself for vocal clarity, accurate and detailed high frequency reproduction and perfect feedback stability.


Active Line Array Subwoofer Module – by RCF
The TTL33-A is a compact, wide dispersion, 3 way active line array module that offers the highest performance from a small size line array.


Active Coaxial Stage Monitor – by RCF
The NX 12-SMA is equipped to guarantee outstanding audio quality and definition as well as an extremely lightweight system.


High Output Two-Way Passive Speaker – by RCF
TT25 is a full range, extremely versatile two-way passive loudspeaker system offering substantial power and efficiency for a variety of professional applications.

SUB 8004-AS 

Active High Power Subwoofer – by RCF
One of the most powerful 18” subwoofers in the pro-sound category with a high power, hypervented 18” woofer and a 4” inside/outside voice coils.


Passive High Power Subwoofer – by RCF
The TTS28 is a direct radiating, high output, large format subwoofer system proven in complementing high-efficiency, full range loudspeakers.


Active Two-Way Array – by RCF
The most powerful line-source in its class offering a particularly profound and dynamic reproduction at high levels.

Microphones &Monitor Systems

Our inventory of high-quality professional microphones and monitor systems.


Premier Wireless Microphone System – by Shure
UHF-R® Wireless systems master the intense pressure and extreme conditions of any touring, installation or broadcast environment, while delivering unmatched Shure sound.


Personal Monitor System – by Shure
Dual-channel PSM®1000 offers premium features for touring-grade wireless monitoring applications.


Wired Bodypack Personal Monitor – by Shure
P9HW is ideal for drummers and keyboard players who want the audio clarity and reduced feedback of in-ear monitors but don’t need wireless mobility.

EW 500-965 G3 (B Range/US)

Vocal Set – by Sennheiser
Top-notch vocal set: Outstanding large-diaphragm true condenser cardioid/super-cardioid SKM 500-965 G3 handheld mic for impressive vocal pick-up, EM 500 G3 true diversity receiver for highest reception quality.

EW 300-2 IEM G3 (G Band / 556-608 MHz)

In-Ear Monitor System – by Sennheiser
Complete Evolution Wireless In-ear Monitoring Solution. Also available in “B Band”

Mixing Consoles

Our inventory of high-quality professional mixing consoles.

SD Ten

Live Digital Console with Stealth Digital Processing™ – by DiGiCo
The SD Ten includes Stealth Digital Processing and floating-point Super FPGA technology, and provides a fully-loaded feature set that will cater to any front-of-house or monitor engineer’s needs. Available in 56 Input / 56 Output configuration.

VENUE | S6L-32

Live Digital Audio Console  – by AVID
Avid VENUE | S6L delivers the unprecedented processing power, exceptional performance, and renowned sound quality artists and engineers rely on to put on the best show possible. From direct AAX plug-in support, 128 tracks of Pro Tools recording, and intelligent touchscreen workflows, to its 300+ processing channels, S6L gives you the mixing efficiency, creativity, and flexibility you need to meet the demands of any gig. Available in 64 inputs / 32 outputs configuration.

VENUE Profile System

Digital Mixing Console with 56 x 24 Stage box – by Avid
The most requested live system for major tours, the Profile System offers the same studio-quality sound, powerful performance, and scalable I/O of the D-Show System in a smaller footprint. The system is based around the Profile console and employs the FOH Rack and Stage Rack components for processing and I/O.

CL5 Series

Digital Audio Mixing Console – by Yamaha
Yamaha CL series digital mixing consoles represent a new level of refinement. They offer an evolved experience in accessible mixing, plus sonic purity with sound shaping capabilities that will give the most imaginative engineer unprecedented creative freedom. Available with RIO3224 + RIO1608 Stagebox (48 inputs / 32 outputs)


Digital Console for Live & Studio with 40 Input Channels, 32 MIDAS Microphone Preamplifiers and 25 Mix Buses – by Midas
A close look at M32 reveals that the styling is completely new in every sense of the word. Rajesh Kutty’s automotive-inspired design elements mesh perfectly with a recognisable MIDAS signature, setting the M32 apart from any other console. Its beautifully streamlined and elegant form factor completely revolutionises the experience of live mixing.


32 Input Digital Mixing Console – by Yamaha
With 32 input head amps the LS9-32 can comfortably handle the complex and varied source requirements presented by a wide range of live sound applications, but it’s always reassuring to know that you can expand it up to 64 channels by just adding external preamps and Mini-YGDAI interface cards for those extra demanding line-ups.


48 Channel Digital Audio Mixing Console – by Yamaha
48 high-performance head amps onboard allow analog microphone and line signals to be directly hooked up to the console. Ideal where analog infrastructure is already installed.


Digital Audio Mixing Console with Dual Power Supply – by Yamaha
Extraordinary sound and versatility in a relatively small, lightweight system that is intuitive to use and delivers unmatched sound, control, and reliability without the need for additional outboard processing gear.


12 Channel Mixing Console with Effects – by RCF
With six transparent sound mic inputs, four stereo line inputs and the 2tk in/out L-PAD12CX is the ideal tool for small band gigs, complex conference, corporate events and all situations where it is necessary to handle several signals.

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